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Support Our Work

Christians in the Holy Land are a very small minority (less than 2%), and are leaving the country, mainly for economical reasons. Supporting Christian artists not only help them to have a future in this country, but also to revive the art of iconography which is part of the Christian cultural and spiritual heritage since Byzantine time.


You can support us in various ways;

- If you like what we do, please don't hesitate to share our website with your contacts.  

- You can commission a new icon for yourself, a beloved one as a special gift, or for your parish or community.

- You can donate to support our equipment and teaching expenses to form truly professional iconographers (Contact us here for more details). 

- You can also share special prayer intentions here. We pray for you, especially on Wednesday noon: join us in prayer! (Contact us here for more details).

Our beloved visitors


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"Congratulations, and thanks again.  My gorgeous icon found its place here in Jerusalem...You are really talented."



 "So much beauty! Thank you for your beautiful work. We already installed the wonderful icon you wrote for us. It will accompany on the ways of our lives."



"The icon is really very beautiful and makes me very happy.  I also feel good knowing that it was made in prayer."


Father Heribert

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