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  • How much time does it take to receive an icon?
    1. Icons already for sale We have some icons ready for sale. In this case, the delay will depend on your payment and the transportation. 2. The icon has to be made You need to ask the iconographer for the delay. Generally, if you plan to receive an icon, you should expect a delay of some weeks to some months. If you have a deadline, please contact us as soon as possible. Anyway, making an icon (see icon writing process) is a long term work; icons are made to last all your life and to the next generations, thus a delay should not be a problem.
  • What is the price of an icon?
    Icons are handmade and require a lot of skills and time. Each piece is unique! It's an investment for all your life. Prices will start from 100 € / USD for a very small and simple piece (such as the Holy Face of Jesus) without gold. If you ask for a commission, price will be part of the discussion with the iconographer.
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