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Wall Paintings

Since the beginning of Christianity, holy images were drawn on the walls where Christians gathered for liturgy, such as wall paintings and mosaics; this long tradition is unceasing in the oriental churches, and is coming back in the western churches (Roman Catholic, Anglican…), it concerns mainly churches and chapels, and is an integral part of iconography.

We are skilled in two different techniques:

  • Direct wall painting: except for the drawing, all the work is done directly on the walls.


  1. fit to 2 or 3 dimensional walls (Dome…)

  2. Visible for visitors

  3. Perfect color adjustment


  1. Longer time of occupation of the building


  • Marouflage: drawing and painting are made in our workshop, fixing the canvas on the wall and final adjustments are done in the place.


  1. Short occupation of the building

  2. Fits all kinds of walls


  1. Cannot be used on three dimensional walls such as a dome.

Nativity Scene at Holy Land Iconographers' workshop

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